Travel Edit: The Best Pearl Pieces To Take With You On Holiday

Every journey must begin with the act of packing. Whether you approach it with enthusiasm or aversion, this all-important ritual highlights which of our possessions pass the ultimate test of versatility and timeless elegance. After all, no one wants to deal with high maintenance pieces when they’re on the road.

Some of us may be wary of bringing jewelry with us on our travels, but we believe that it deserves a spot on any packing list. These small yet impactful accessories have the power to elevate any look, and are much less fussy than we realize. 

Below we’ll be sharing Harriet’s travel-approved pieces that will serve as ideal companions on your next journey. From simple pendants to stud earrings, here are the best pearl pieces to enhance your travel wardrobe.

Pearl Jewelry Ideas For Traveling

Versatility and comfort are more important than ever when we travel. Selecting jewelry that effortlessly complements different outfits and occasions is essential. Pearls embody these qualities, offering ease of movement while exuding understated elegance. 

With their oceanic origins and the journey they must go through before reaching our shores, pearls possess a unique connection to travel. They’re an ideal choice for wanderers seeking a touch of sophistication, which is why they can always be found within our designer Harriet’s travel wardrobe. 

Harriet’s Favorite Silver Pieces For Travel

St Geran Tahitian Necklace - a necklace Harriet always has with her, versatile and chic this statement piece adds a glimmer of sophistication to any look

Trou d’Eau Douce Oxidized Ring With Two Round Tahitian Pearls - one of our latest creations, Harriet loves the uniqueness of each Tahitian pearl and the boldness of the hand beaten oxidised silver

Grand Gaube Oxidized Earrings - these oxidised textured earrings reproducing sea urchins are distinctive yet wearable in all occasions. Another piece that Harriet never leaves behind

Gris Gris Oxidized Bracelet - this textured hammered bangle is perfect for stacking or styling alone

Harriet’s Favorite Gold Pieces For Travel

Ile d’Ambre Necklace - a new addition to our creations, this fine chain with flat pearl is fresh, elegant and versatile and can easily be stacked with other necklaces  

Riambel Ring - an Oceano classic, this ring can be worn in all occasions, another of Harriet’s favourites

Ilot Starfish Earrings - these delicate studs bring with you the atmosphere of summer and seaside

Trou d’Eau Douce Bracelet With Two Round White Pearls - another classic Oceano, this minimal bangle exudes effortless elegance. Harriet never takes off hers

Wherever your next adventure may be, remember to choose jewelry that will seamlessly adapt to your travels. With their innate beauty and adaptability, pearls make ideal travel companions all over the globe. 

Browse our collection of travel-ready pieces and discover the perfect pearls for your journey today!