About Us


Taking inspiration from her background in Art history, sculpture, art restoration and her love of the ocean, Harriet Batchelor launched her fine jewelry collection Oceano in 2015.

Originally from the Island of Mauritius, Harriet lived 17 years in Italy after Paris and is currently living with her 3 children in Nairobi. 

"Oceano is a combination of inspiration from my home island Mauritius and the Italian tradition for beauty.

A range of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings combining baroque pearls and volcanic lava from Mauritius, semi-precious stones from Madagascar, sterling silver and leather that I grew to love in Italy.
I believe jewelry comes alive when you wear it, influencing your mood, it is a creative expression of yourself and your personality.

Every piece tells a part of my story, of the artisans I work with, of the love I have felt and of the beauty I have known in my travels and explorations.
I hope you will find similar warmth, originality and style in wearing my design


Harriet Batchelor
Designer of Oceano